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The Nethersole

CofE Academy and Nursery

Inspire, Enjoy and Achieve, in the love of Jesus Christ

Who's Who

Picture 1 Mrs Jo Alexander Head Teacher
Picture 2 Mrs Ann Carter Office Manager
Picture 3 Mrs Gail Williams Administrator
Picture 4 Mrs Sarah Morris Teacher - Mathematics Lead
Picture 5 Mrs Vicky Green Teacher - UKS2 Phase Lead
Picture 6 Mr Daniel Neal Teacher
Picture 7 Mrs Alexandra Banks Teacher - LKS2 Phase Lead
Picture 8 Miss Alice Clarke Teacher
Picture 9 Miss Frankie Clayton Teacher
Picture 10 Miss Cate Norris Teacher
Picture 11 Mrs Jayne Johnson Teacher
Picture 12 Mrs Claire Henry Teacher
Picture 13 Miss Kate Hughes Teacher - SEND and Phonics
Picture 14 Mrs Laura Satchell - KS1 & EYFS Lead
Picture 15 Mrs Anna Tweed Teacher
Picture 16 Miss Lucy Wagg Teacher (mat)
Picture 17 Mrs Kelly Yilmaz Teaching Assistant
Picture 18 Mrs Joanne Boulstridge Teaching Assistant
Picture 19 Mrs Alison Beale Teaching Assistant
Picture 20 Mrs Jenny Hudson Teaching Assistant
Picture 21 Miss Donna Douglas Teaching Assistant
Picture 22 Mrs Sue Reeves Teaching Assistant
Picture 23 Miss Ruth Archer Teaching Assistant
Picture 24 Mrs Sharon Parsons Teaching Assistant
Picture 25 Miss Michelle McClean Teaching Assistant
Picture 26 Mrs Kelly Byrne Pastoral Support Worker
Picture 27 Mrs Lorraine Milligan Senior Midday Supervisor
Picture 28 Mrs Julie Cotterill Midday Supervisor
Picture 29 Mrs Debbie Burrows Midday Supervisor/Cedars
Picture 30 Miss Faye Coleman Cedars Assistant
Picture 31 Miss Laura Brooks Cedars/ Midday Supervisor
Picture 32 Mrs Lisa Blower Midday Supervisor
Picture 33 Mrs Beth Husselbee-Orwin Midday Supervisor
Picture 34 Mrs Kath Fox Midday Supervisor/Cedars
Picture 35 Miss Lucy Kendall Cook
Picture 36 Mrs Denise Hiscock Assistant Cook
Picture 37 Mr Alan Whitehouse Caretaker
Picture 38 Mrs Angela Clempson Cleaner
Picture 39 Miss Halleen Armstrong Cleaner
Picture 40 Mrs Sharon Hodgkinson Cleaner/Midday Supervisor
Picture 41 Mrs Sharon Walker Cleaner
Picture 42 Christie Wyatt Nursery Manager
Picture 43 Caron Challinor Deputy Nursery Manager
Picture 44 Sharon Keen Nursery Assistant
Picture 45 Kat Williams Nursery Assistant
Picture 46 Ann Wignall Nursery Assistant
Picture 47 Debbie Lea Nursery Assistant/Cedars
Picture 48 Sam Cope Nursery Assistant
Picture 49 Laura Ward Nursery Assistant
Picture 50 Mrs Kayleigh Hooper Nursery Assistant
Picture 51 Fr Philip Wells Governor
Picture 52 Cllr Dave Parsons Governor