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Curriculum Intent

Curriculum intent


"Let your light shine” Matthew 5:16



Our curriculum's purpose is to develop the children's understanding, personality and gifts bestowed upon them by God in order for them to know they are loved by God, have love for others and let their light shine.


Every aspect of school life, including the curriculum, has been constructed around our school vision and our school values. Our vision is underpinned by the three key tenants: Loved by God; Love for others; Let your light shine. We have constructed a curriculum which prepares the children of Nethersole academically, emotionally, socially and spiritually to be active and successful participants of British and Global society.


Our sequential knowledge curriculum begins in EYFS, so that students can successfully access a broad and balanced curriculum throughout their education at Nethersole Church Primary Academy. This is underpinned by structured phonics, writing and mathematics lessons in EYFS to ensure core procedural knowledge is secured and that transition into KS1 is successful.


During KS1, focus is placed on reading, writing and mathematics. We ensure all students are reading by the age of six so that they can successfully access a broad and balanced curriculum. Through the Mathematics Mastery programme, we ensure core mathematical knowledge is mastered and practised. Music, PE, humanities and science are carefully planned with specialist support to ensure students are making links across and throughout the curriculum. 


Throughout KS2, we seek to carefully develop subject knowledge and build clear sequences in our students’ minds, allowing them to begin to think more coherently, critically, and creatively. Working with subject experts, curriculum leaders are equipped to design carefully crafted sequences of learning.


As teachers and leaders of our Learning Community, we ensure that our curriculum and teaching is informed by the latest evidential research from cognitive science about memory, knowledge retention and practice in order to help students remember, and apply, the best of what has been thought and said. We make knowledge stick for all learners so that all children are equipped to let their light shine.


Curriculum design:

Our curriculum is driven by the principle that knowledge empowers children in their lives. Our knowledge-led curriculum is distinctive to our individual context. It is uniquely challenging and provides coherent subject matter, developed by enthusiastic and knowledgeable subject leads, to ensure that children develop broad and deep subject understanding.


By interweaving disciplines, it allows children to see that knowledge is connected – core content and knowledge is sequenced in a precise way. Children revisit concepts to activate prior learning, which is then built upon with new knowledge. Repeated independent practice ensures children retain their knowledge and through structured reflection develop mastery.


We strive to create an environment which facilitates an infectious desire to acquire new knowledge and learn. Through the prioritisation of knowledge, it ensures that all children are knowledgeable enough about the world that they can transform it in the future. In our school, we believe all pupils, regardless of background or needs have the right to access the best that has been said and thought.


Loved by God:

Nethersole’s curriculum will not cap aspiration, it will drive it. Giving pupils and staff the tools to live a good life and change their own world and the world around them. Whilst at all times knowing that they are loved, valued and strengthen by God.


Our curriculum is adapted to empower all learners to understand, retain and build-upon the best of what has been said and thought . Specific needs are met through differentiated curriculum provision, evidenced based interventions and environmental adaptions. We have shaped our curriculum to encourage and celebrate differences. We want our children to value, respect and support others with their specific and individual needs.



Our children will develop emotional intelligence and awareness, becoming confident and independent learners. They are given opportunities to debate, discuss and explore the social, cultural and ethical diversities our society has to offer. Growing a knowledge of our local and global communities which enables our learners to become responsible and independent thinkers.


It enables our children to work effectively with others, valuing the different contributions they and others make – they also begin to recognise the limitations of their own work and those of others as they build an understanding of how different people play different roles within a team.


Love for others:

At Nethersole we know we are all made unique by God and our school’s Christian values teach us how to treat others. This feeds into our collective worships and SEL curriculum. The purpose of our school’s values is to equip us with the knowledge of how to treat others in the way we want to be treated.


These values guide us as a learning community and help us to develop the individual characters within our school to become successful, active and prepared citizens of British and Global society.


Our values cement the different strands of our curriculum together. They allow the children to explore the importance of living a life with values, such as respect and community.  Our curriculum also supports children’s understanding of the consequences of not following shared values.


Let your light shine:

In everything that we do, we strive to let our light shine, and our curriculum is no different. In order to achieve this we believe it must be informed and shaped by expert subject matter and evidenced informed research. Therefore, our curriculum will never stand still. Year after year we will work hard to create new experiences and new ways of imparting knowledge, which are tailored to the individual needs of our context and up to date with the world.


We believe that a knowledge-rich and values focused curriculum is central to our pupils’ future success. Once our children have acquired the knowledge from our carefully sequenced curriculum, they will then be ready to lead a successful and happy life – letting their light shine.