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Why do learners at The Nethersole Academy need to study History?


At Nethersole, we believe that History stimulates children’s interest and understanding of the lives of people who have lived in the past and how this will shape our future. History also helps children to understand the complexity of people’s lives, the process of change, the diversity of society and relationships between different groups as well as their own identity and challenges of their time. We aim to build on children’s knowledge so that children leave with a coherent knowledge and understanding of Britain’s past and that of the wider world. We teach children the skills required to be a good historian; how to research and gather information, as well as how to question information gathered for authenticity, perspective and reliability. Children have access to a wide range of resources to aid them in their discovery, and opportunities across the curriculum to present, test and evaluate their historical knowledge. Our vision is that children will be confident, creative and independent learners who delve deeper and make connections to the past and the world which they live in now.


What are the aims for the History curriculum?

(i.e. what do we want learners to be able to know and do by the time they leave Nethersole?)


  • To develop an interest in and curiosity about the past
  • To appreciate human achievement and aspirations
  • To develop an awareness of the values of different societies from the past
  • To contribute to the understanding of other cultures and countries
  • To learn about the major issues of the past and how they have affected the present
  • To develop the concept of change over time
  • To encourage enquiry and varied methods of communication
  • To explore artefacts and other historical resources such as pictures
  • To use chronological terms with understanding, recognising similarities and differences