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At The Nethersole we use the Power of Reading to ensure engaging and challenging English lessons based around quality texts. Lessons give children an opportunity to develop writing and SPaG through written, artistic and performance based sessions.  


The Power of Reading has been linked to our thematic curriculum through Christian values ensuring the school values are promoted through all learning at Nethersole. This ensures that texts chosen for English have a link with foundation curriculum links whether through a direct link or a more indirect link through the values.


The school follows the National Curriculum for literacy. A link to the year group specific objectives can be located at:

Reading – Nethersole website


At Nethersole, we encourage children to read for pleasure as well as impressing upon them the importance of learning to read. Children are expected to be reading daily in every year group and this should be recorded in the reading diary provided each time. Children are encouraged to write in the journal as well as adults. Information on discussion points and ideas about what to do when your child has finished reading a book are included in the reading journals.

Reading is an integral part of the curriculum and is taught through separate English and Guided Reading sessions, but this does not mean that reading should stop at school. Reading at home is incredibly important to the development and education of children.


Suggested websites

Suggested books for children, advice on how to read with your child, book lists, fun games, competitions to win free books, Children's Book Club etc

Expert recommendations and opening extracts of books.

Access to free E-Books. Free to register.

Storyline Online features accomplished actors and actresses reading some of their favourite children’s books. Caution - This website uses YouTube to load videos.


Progress in Reading


We assess reading progress regularly and use book band colours to match books to a child's needs from a range of schemes. most of our books are from Oxford Reading Tree, Collin's Big Cat schemes. We also have Project X books for selected readers in key stage 2. Once children have reached a reading band above 'lime' they are a free reader and are welcome to choose non reading banded books as home readers although they will continue to have coloured reading band books during guided reading sessions.


Reading books in the early years link to our teaching of phonics, and therefore books are decodable using the phonics skills we teach.