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The Nursery Environment

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Our Environment!


How our classes are organised


We have two classes in nursery which are arranged depending on your child's age.

Carle supports our younger children from the age of  2 years and Donaldson contains children aged 3-4 years, who are in their Pre-school year, ready to start reception class the following September.




This class contains our youngest children from the age of 2 years. They are able to develop in an exciting and vibrant environment, which nurtures their skills at the beginning of their learning journey. These skills range from:

* Developing the child's increasing attention span.

* Building relationships with both adults and peers.

*Co-operation and sharing.

* Verbal and non-verbal communication.

* Being aware of others' feelings as well as being able to express their own.


We understand that this is a precious moment in both your child's and your own lives leaving them in a new environment. We are dedicated to supporting your child and you with both the separation and settling process.





This class is our children who are aged 3-4 years and will be joining main stream education the following September.

Through transition from Potter, these children can now begin to build on the foundation of skills they have developed. Their learning is predominantly through play with a more structured feel. We have a slightly more enhances focus on the importance of rules and boundaries in preparation for school.



We believe that  both care and education are of equal importance in the experiences that we provide for the children.


The routines and activities that each session provides consist of:

* Helping each child to feel that she/he is a valued member of the nursery.

* Ensures the safety of each individual child.

* Supporting children to develop their social skills.

* Being able to develop their own voice and the ability to become independent learners.