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Parents should not feel that branded uniform is necessary - plain white/ red tops are available from most good retailers.


If any parents is struggling with the cost of uniform, we have  a huge store of second-hand clothing which we will really happily share. we also sell this for a small donation regularly throughout the year.

The NEW Nethersole PE kit is now available from the link below.

Our uniform is available from mapac

How to order

Step 1

Go to the website and click 'Education'

Step 2

Click 'are you a parent' and then 'find my school'

Step 3

Click the 'find my school' tab and find our unique online shop

You can also telephone 01923 255525



We have high expectations of school uniform and we believe that having the correct school uniform instils a sense of school pride in our children. It is a parent or carers responsibility  to ensure that their child or children attend school with a full school uniform and that they are smart and have a hair cut that meets the school's expectations and girls with long hair have their hair tied up.


As part of their uniform, children are required to bring a PE kit to school every Monday and leave it in school until Friday.


Teachers regularly check school uniform to ensure that it is correct and that children are smartly dressed; staff speak to parents on the same day when a child is not wearing or have the correct uniform and if needed speak to the headteacher or deputy head.  Were needed staff may label uniform for children. It is expected that all staff will remind children of presentation and remind them wear the uniform correctly with shirts tucked in and jumpers either worn or on their chairs or pegs (not tied around their waist or around their shoulders).


All clothing including coats and PE kits should be clearly labelled.




White  shirt/ blouse or Polo Shirt

Grey or black trousers, skirt, or pinafore dress, red checked summer dress

Red Cardigan or sweatshirt

Black shoes (not trainers or 'ballet' style pumps)

White or grey socks. Red or grey tights.

Sandals in summer must be worn with socks


P.E. Kit


Plain white T shirt

Plain black shorts

Plain black jogging trousers/tracksuit pants

Plain black sweatshirt/tracksuit jacket

Black plimsolls and outdoor trainers.

(No football kits)

Every child should have their own PE kit it is not acceptable for siblings to share.


Earrings and jewellery

Children should not wear jewellery to school

Earrings should be a small stud only and removed by the child or parent before PE

Ears should not be  pierced during term time. We cannot remove earrings or tape earrings. If children cannot remove earrings themselves they should not come to school with earrings in on PE days.

Jewellery worn by children to school will be removed and kept until the end of the day to be returned to the parent/carer


Haircuts and hair bands

Children should have neat ‘professional’ looking hair styles e.g. no dyed-hair or ‘tram-lines’ cut into the hair.

No Mohican style hair cuts

Bows and bands should be neat, of moderate size and either white, red, grey or black.



No temporary tattoos

Children should have a small book bag (satchel style) and a PE draw sting bag only

Children should bring a refillable water bottle to school every day.

If children do not have a water bottle they will be issued one at a charge of £1.50