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The school follows the National Curriculum for numeracy. A link to the year group specific objectives can be located at:


In early years math is constantly available through provision and children are encourage to 'play with number' to help them develop confidence and understanding. Children have mental maths sessions as daily and formally taught maths input weekly. 


In keystage 1 and 2, math is taught in sessions which last one hour and fifteen minutes daily. The first quarter of an hour is used in different ways: to support children who may require consolidation from the previous day’s work; to pre-teach children who may benefit from it before the main lesson; to practise mental maths skills; to discuss mental maths strategies; for practising arithmetic skills or for whole class exploration of a reasoning problem.


Most maths lessons are taught using a ‘tiered teaching’ approach. This helps ensure that the learning is right for everyone in class. Pupils are taught by the class teacher or teaching assistant in smaller groups whilst the rest of the class work independently. Pupils will only access the information from the class teacher that is of use to moving their own learning on. Tiered teaching is about personalising the curriculum for every pupil, allowing them to reach their full potential. Tiered teaching lessons focus on the learning that is of the most relevance to the children to ensure progression. Challenges are chosen through AFL and children have an input into choosing the challenge that is right for them; this is guided by the teacher who will agree the child’s choice or suggest another challenge. Children are able to and indeed encouraged to move between challenges to ensure they remain most appropriate.

The school's calculation policy: outlining how we teach maths across the different year groups

Some helpful and fun maths-based web-sites