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School Policies


Parent and Visitor Code of conduct


Home school agreement

Homework Policy (ratified by governors in October 2017)

Parent and adult volunteer policy (ratified by governors October 2014)

Special Educational Needs policy (ratified by governors on 3rd Dec 2014)

SEN Information leaflet for parents (reviewed by governors in Dec 2016)

School Behaviour Policy - ratified by governors in November 2014

The school's Behaviour Policy also includes the school's policy on anti-bullying and anti-harassment and details of the school's approach to exclusions.

Religious Education Policy (ratified by governors on 25th March 2015)

Sex and Relationships Policy (ratified by governors on 18th May 2015)

Sex and relationships scheme of work

Collective Worship Policy (ratified by governors on 14th October 2015)

Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy (ratified by governors 26th September 2017)

Assessment and tracking policy (ratified by governors in January 2016)

Supporting pupils with medical conditions (ratified by governors on 21st Sept 2016)

Disability and Accessibility Policy - Nov 2016

Early Years Policy (ratified by governors in February 2017)

Charging Policy (ratified by governors in 2014 and re ratified in Jan 2017)

Complaints Policy (ratified by governors in March 2017)

Attendance Policy (ratified by Governors in October 2017)

Equality Policy (ratified by governors on 23rd March 2017)