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Irwin, Hamilton & Herodotus

Summer term curriculum newsletter





Herodotus (Year 5): Miss Dukes

Hamilton (Year 6): Miss Deakin

Irwin (Year 6): Mr Maher

A Message from your teachers


We are extremely excited to work with all of you next year, but can already tell you that some days will be challenging and you will get things wrong. The most important things you need to bring to our class is the bravery to get things wrong, the resilience to try again and the effort and attitude to want to improve.  

We  have very high standards and high expectations! You will be working hard in class but you will also be learning in a fun and safe environment! In upper key stage 2, we ask you to be as independent as possible and take responsibility for your learning.  your adults will always be there to help and support you on your learning journey!



Please ensure that reading journals are brought in every day, this is to allow children to continue to update them as often as possible and also to allow for adults to add when they have read 1:1 with children.


We ask that children take responsible for their reading and write in when they have read a minimum of 3 times per week.   

Children can then bring the diary to you to sign each week.


Until further notice, children will be required to attend school in their PE kit on their class PE day.  PE will take place outside, so please ensure suitable clothing is worn. 

All jewelry must be REMOVED for PE, plasters for studs will not be acceptable.  



PE Days

Hamilton - Friday Afternoon

Herodotus - Thursday Afternoon

Irwin - Tuesday Morning 






Homework for year 5 and 6 will be posted by the class teachers every Thursday on the class dojo platform - please contact the school office if you do not have access to this.  

Printed copies may be requested if you do not have access to a printer. 

The homework will follow the learning from that week and will also include the answers, so that children can continue to self-assess at home. 


We also update our Education City work weekly, this is designed to be additional revision.


Spellings will be given out in class on a Monday and also posted to the dojo platform. A list of common words children are expected to be able to spell by the end of Primary school are available on the link below.





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