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Curriculum Themes

Curriculum Intent

At  Nethersole, we want children to develop a sense of wonder and curiosity about the world they live in. We encourage children to explore and question and deliver lessons which aim to promote independence and resilience. This is firmly rooted in the school vision of 'Love God, Love Others, Let Your Light Shine.' Jeremiah 29.


We deliver a enquiry based curriculum which address the objectives of the 2014 National Curriculum. We have a two year cycle to ensure all children have the opportunity to develop their knowledge, skills and understanding of the world with a view to providing every child with cultural capital.


All subjects are delivered in discrete lessons and are based around the National Curriculum.  Teachers will adapt planning to ensure it is pitched at a level that meets the needs and interests of our children. 


If you are unable to find the information you require on our website regarding the curriculum please contact the school office for further information.

Art and DT

Art Intent

At Nethersole, as artists, we believe that Art is a vital and integral part of children’s education. We provide them with opportunities to express their individual creativity, whilst also learning about and making links with a variety of types of Art in our society and how this influences our lives today. Art contributes to children’s personal development in so many ways, encouraging creativity, independence, respect and self-reflection. Moreover, it enables pupils to develop a natural sense of wonder and curiosity about the world around them, which links strongly to our school values. We provide children at the Nethersole CE Academy engaging, progressive lessons and experiences so that they develop their knowledge and skills and leave with a life-long love of the Arts that will enrich their lives.

DT Intent

At Nethersole C of E Academy, as designers, we recognise that Design Technology encourages children's creativity and imagination. It enables them to design and make products that solve real and relevant problems and encourages them to consider their own and others’ needs, wants and values. At the Nethersole CE Academy, we want all pupils to be inspired to learn new skills, gain knowledge and make high quality progress in Design and Technology. DT is taught using an iterative approach, which fosters a culture of trying new things, being resilient and not being afraid of making mistakes. Through engagement with a wide variety of activities and by evaluating past and present DT, we intend to develop children’s critical understanding of its impact on their own daily lives and those of the wider world.


History and Geography



At The Nethersole C of E Academy, as geographers we provide a curriculum that broadens pupils geographical understanding of the wider world as well as developing an appreciation of their local area.  Pupils have opportunities for fieldwork to further explore the human and physical features of our unique school grounds and its surrounding locality. We equip people with knowledge diverse places, people, resources and natural and human environments and the impact of this wider world. Together with a deep understanding of the Earth’s key physical and human processes.  Geographical skills weave through each enquiry led unit. 




At The Nethersole C of E Academy, as historians we encourage children to understand about the past and it’s impact on our lives today.  Our curriculum incorporates opportunities to learn about local history, british history and that of the wider world; as well as developing an understanding of the diversity of societies and relationships between them.  The enquiry led units of work encourage pupils to ask questions, think critically and make judgements based upon historical sources of evidence.  

History and Geography Long Term Plan

Modern Foreign Language


At The Nethersole C of E Academy we believe that the learning of a language (MFL) provides a valuable educational, social and cultural experience for our pupils.  It helps them to develop communication skills, including key skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing. The children’s knowledge of how language works will be developed and extended.  Lessons will enable pupils to make substantial progress in one language. The linguistic skills gained will assist and lay foundations for further language learning. It will provide pupils with the confidence and independence to explore and be able to attempt manipulation of the structure of language. Learning another language gives children a new and broader perspective on the world, encouraging them to understand their own cultures and those of others.  Teachers use the national curriculum as the basis to their teaching and assessment, using the Rachel Hawkes scheme of work to create engaging and effective lessons. 


Long term plan whole school French


At The Nethersole C of E Academy we believe that science is one of the key factors in children’s understanding of the world.  It allows the to explore and deepen their knowledge of the world around them.  We believe that key skills of working scientifically should be at the heart of every science lessons, these are: to ask and answer questions; to predict and research their answers; to observe; to evaluate and refine and to present their findings.  It is by doing these things that children develop their resilience in their quest to understand and learn why. 

Science Long Term Plan

Religious Education


The Religious Education curriculum aspires for children to have a well-rounded understanding of the Christian faith and belief, as well as an understanding, tolerance and respect for other faiths, beliefs and non-beliefs. Our curriculum aims to introduce the children to the beliefs of others in the wider world who may have differing views and opinions to them. By celebrating this diversity, we can help children to develop morally, culturally, socially and spiritually. We strive to provide creative opportunities for children to reflect personally on themselves, their beliefs and their learning.

We want children to understand the importance of our distinctive Christian Value ‘Love God, Love Others, Let Your Light Shine’ and we achieve this by celebrating our values in our personalised reflection spaces, display boards and collective worship time.

LTPs for cycle A (2020-2021 and 2022-2023) and cycle B (2021-2022):


At The Nethersole C of E Academy we recognise that technology has a huge influence and equips pupils with skills that enrich and support their lives.  Keeping safe online is an intrinsic part of using technology and children are taught about this in each unit of work as well as discrete units.  Pupils are taught computer science which is at the core of computing and teaches pupils the principals of information and computation, how digital systems work and how this knowledge is applied through programming.   

Computing Long Term Plan


At The Nethersole C of E Academy as musicians children will develop a growing love for music.  They will be encouraged to appreciate genres of music from diversebackgrounds including from different eras and places around the world.  We want the children of The Nethersole to leave with the knowledge of how music can influence us in a range of ways eg impact on emotional well-being, productivity and our perception of the world. Our children will have the opportunity to learn a musical instrument during their time at school.

Music Long Term Plan

Physical Education

At the Nethersole C or E Academy PE is a vital part of school life and ultimately children’s future well-being.  We intend to provide an inclusive, broad and balanced PE curriculum that ensures all children will benefit, whether through enhancing existing skill, learning new skills or being introduced to new sports. We ensure that our children have opportunities to understand the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle and to equip them with the tools to do so through health and well-being education. Children must understand how to take care of themselves both physically and mentally in order to be successful as adults.

PE Long Term Plan (draft)

Curriculum Skills Progression Maps

Music Progression

Please click on the link below where you can access a detailed Long Term Curriculum Plan for each phase and a half termly/termly plan.

These outline in more detail the teaching and learning outcomes.

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