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Welcome to Alder Class 



P.E is held on a Wednesday and Thursday. Please ensure your child's P.E kit is in school on these days. 

Swimming is also held on Wednesday, so children who have received letters will need to ensure swimming kit is in school as we leave promptly. Please ensure that if your child has long hair it is tied back, they have a swimming cap available and earrings are taken out prior to the school day.



Spellings are usually sent home on a Friday and tested the following Friday.


Home Reading Journals 

Home reading journals should be returned to school everyday, so that they can be checked on request throughout the week - Reading journals are checked by Miss Webb and signed on a Monday/Tuesday. We ask children to read widely at home and at least three times a week to build their love and enjoyment of reading, There are some suggested home reading activities that children could complete in their home reading journals relating to the texts that they are reading at home.


Times tables

It would brilliant if you can encourage your child to practise their times tables at home. 

I have included some links to websites that they may like to use to help them practise. 

Year 3 by the end of the year are expected to know their 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 10 times tables.

Year 4 by the end of the year are expected to know ALL of their times tables.


Times table songs on Youtube:


Maths apps:

10 minutes a day times tables

Maths Rockx (there is a free version)

Blue Planet

16th January - 19th January


Our topic this half term is the Blue Planet and  we kicked it all off with enjoying an episode of the BBC's 'Blue Planet' with Willow class . We created our own model of a UK coast out of clay, labeling the features we have researched. The results were brilliant! We went into heated competition trying to discover different locations of coasts and rivers, whilst using our atlas skills. We have also developed and applied our artistic skills, creating a piece of underwater artwork for display! Our final day was been spent creating a water cycle model - don't forget to stick it on a window for it to work!

Gregolf the Viking

14th December


At the end of the Autumn term and to finish our Viking topic, a Viking man, called Gregolf, was invited into school!

He told us all about the life of a Viking including his clothes, weapons, armour, jobs and games! To start the day off Gregolf told us all about his life, before he settled down with his wife and children he used to pillage and plunder villages all across the world! He showed us alot of the weapons he used such as axes, spears, catapults and swords, we even got to try them out! After this, Gregolf also let us have a go with all of his shields, they were really colourful and extremely tough! A few of us had a go at hitting the shield with a really long spear, but it only made crashing noises, no damage! 

The rest of the day was filled with more information and alot of fun! We learnt lots of information and it was a great way to finish off the topic!

Viking Topic Days

30th October - 1st November


Coming back from the half term holidays was hard for everyone but was definitely made easier by having the first three days of school our Topic days!

Our focus for this half term is Vikings and what a way to start it all off! The children were involved in; navigational skills, which the Vikings were extremely good at; designing and creating their own Longboats, also known as Dragonships; making, baking and eating their own Viking bread, which definitely had an interesting flavour (better eaten with honey!); creating their own sheilds, swords or axes and helmets and finally taking part in the ultimate battle dance between the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings!

The children and staff had a great time and it was lovely to see everyone really getting involved and wanting more!



Science Day

Tuesday 10th October 2017


Last week, we were lucky enough to have a whole day devoted to our current Science topic of 'Sound'.

The day was kicked off with a sound battle where we were in competition with Willow class for the loudest and highest sound made by a 'Sound tube'. Unfortunately, the sound battle was lost to Willow class... they may have won the battle but they haven't won the war! Let's hope at the next competition we win!

The rest of the morning was taking part in a sound carousel with Mrs Dawson, where we made some amazing pan pipes and telephones - though the telephones were made with string and paper cups!

In the afternoon, Miss Webb took over and split everyone into groups, we had to use our knowledge of sound, exploring pitch and volume, to create sound effects (with instruments) to run alongside the story of'The Three Billy Goats Gruff'. It was really tricky, but with teamwork and perseverance the sound effects were great!

Local History Topic

Friday 15th September & Monday 16th October

Our topic this half term for Alder class was Local History, where we chose to focus on the Polesworth Abbey because of our great links with the Abbey as a school and as it's so local! 


On our first topic day, we visited the Abbey and met with Father Philip who gave us alot of information - alot we didn't know before! He spoke to us about the history of Abbey, the Nethersole family, the font and even had a Q&A session with us! Whilst we were there, we all had a go at sketching the font in our Art sketchbooks, it wasn't as easy as it looked. We had a super day and now know lots of interesting facts about the Abbey and Father Philip. Did you know the Abbey was originally built by Anglo-Saxons out of wood? And did you know that Father Philip's Tudor period house has seven bedrooms?!

Our Abbey visit

On our second Topic day, we became artists! 

Our morning focused on creating an Abbey collage with various colours of paper with Mrs Dawson. We had to trace a picture of the Abbey and re-trace it again onto 2 other pieces of coloured paper. It was really tricky, but we got there in the end and our results look great!

In the afternoon, we came in from lunch to find clay on our tables, the excitement was obvious! We had to look at some examples of fonts, much like the one in the Abbey, and create our own version, thinking about the base and the main font that holds the water. Whilst creating our fonts, we had to think about the size of each piece and how it would all join together to make sure it wouldn't break when it dried. By the end of the day, the whole of Alder class had some amazing fonts! Everyone who has walked past them in school has mentioned how great they look!